martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Junk Food and Your Health

Health problems are increasing worldwide, thanks to commercialism and lack of love. It's very sad to say, but if you watch TV and analyze the commercials, they are designed to motivate us to be selfish with ourselves and with others. Even kids are seduced to think junk food is good for them.

This is evident when we see all the junk food everywhere you go. This junk food generally contains high levels of fat, salt, spices and sugar. What do all these ingredients in your body do for you? They stimulate your appetite and thirst, and encourage your body to have more anxiety which in turn stimulates you to be more hungry, and the circle continues on and on.

Who benefits from this food monopoly? The truth is that you are not one of the beneficiaries. The only ones who profit that you're eating and killing yourself are the drug companies and the whole trading system that provides that kind of food.

When you really look into it, you find out that there are numerous food additives such as monosodium glutamate (flavor enhancer) or tartrazine (food coloring). That have side effects on your body. Your body has a conscience; it wants to be healthy we know this because day and night he struggles and fight against all the garbage that we put it. But in time, it gives up why and because of whom?

There is a Japanese proverb that is true in the case of many: "The man digs his grave with his own beak"

What is going on? Have you noticed some individuals only learn when they see the rope around their necks? It's a great idea to look at what you're eating and change your habits, being healthy is fun. When you are sick because your own fault you don't only tire yourself out but all those around you.

Admittedly, all foods are potentially are harmful to our health if we abused its consumption, but those who manufacture junk food do more harm to all of us since they do it in huge quantities without thinking about all the side effects.

When consumed in greater quantities, as many people do just because is fast and ease (fast food) or because of social prestige of their consumption (linked to juvenile forms of entertainment) the consequences are evident.

The consequences are deadly and very expensive more expensive than cheap food I must say.
Junk food causes obesity, is responsible for heart disease, type II diabetes, tooth decay and cellulite. Junk food gives consumers fats, cholesterol, sugar and salt, while a real meal must provide fiber, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals needed for the body performance.

What should I do if everything around me is bad? Someone might think. The truth is that everything around us is not bad for food. We must return to eat fruits that have many vitamins that are essential for our body to be happy. Although it costs a little more; healthy food in the long run will save you a lot of money and headaches.

But I love eating out? Do you also love living longer? Think, fast-food restaurants they will certainly give us the kind of food that tasted good, but we give not get any guarantee to be healthy. At the end of the day it's your decision if you eat to live or eat to die.

Think of the consequences, in many cases, they are irreversible and even regrettable. All the eating habits we have acquired over time in our modern life have endangered our health. Some of the junk foods are common in many homes: hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, lettuce and tomato for preparing frozen microwave, soft drinks, sweets and more. When you eat these things, they taste great but the kill you.

Excellent Health does not cost much if you educate yourself and keep yourself informed. Good Appetite!

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