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Drink water to improve your health

Water is wonderful and extremely necessary to live; we could not exist without it.

We see water everywhere In fact, Wikipedia says in connection with this subject: Water covers 71% of the surface of the Drink water to improve your health
's crust is primarily located in the oceans which account for 96.5% of the total water; glaciers and ice caps have 1.74%, deposits underground. The permafrost and continental glaciers account for 1.72%, and the remaining 0.04% is shared in descending order from lakes, soil moisture, air, reservoirs, rivers and living things.

Let's just think for a moment. If there is so much water in its various forms in the world is because it is obviously important. However, it seems that in this "modern," world is not used to normal drinking water without dyes and chemicals. We see it in commercials; drink coke, drink Red bull, Drink this and that. But they do not tell you about the long term effects of following their advice, how convenient, don't you think?

So as you can see although all these products do have water they are contaminated with many ingredients that are not good for you. Hence, the importance of drinking water for an excellent health.

Having the habit of drinking water helps us in many ways helps to detoxify our body and helps keep us hydrated.

Did you know that 70% of our body is water? Then it is not difficult to understand why we need plenty of water to keep our bodies healthy.

True, our kidneys play a wonderful role. Thanks to the filtration unit containing, the kidneys remove impurities from the blood and purified and returned to the blood flow. It is estimated that a person would have to drink thousands of glasses of water a day if not for the kidneys that recycle water.

How wonderful, not you think?

Although our kidneys are healthy and functioning properly, the amount of water in our bodies' declines, and we need to constantly replenish it. Without sufficient liquid to remove debris produced by cellular metabolism, body cells will gradually poison with their own waste.

Drinking water

The best way to help detoxified our body, is drinking water. It's that simple. Increased water intake allows better breath ability, and better hydration of every cell in our body. Suffice it to drink eight glasses of water a day to achieve this goal. It is a simple task, and also virtually free.

Drinking water helps to clean all body organs, including the liver and kidneys that experts say.

You can choose water, herbal tea, vegetable juices and fruits. All healthy liquids are good for cleansing the liver and kidneys. Try to reduce the consumption of caffeine or alcohol during detoxification. Fluids also help dilute toxins or poisons in the body and keep you hydrated and functioning well. Drinking water is one of the best ways to detoxify the organs mentioned above.

For those of us that want to lose a few pounds its recommended that we stay away from sugars if we want our bodies to lose fat and to be detoxify. So it just makes sense we would not drink natural juices without any sugar in them.

An interesting fact is that drinking water right when you get up in the morning while you are still fasting helps your digestion system tremendously. I know a number of women who have constipation problems and after several weeks of drinking a glass of water fasting, they fix this little problem. If you try it at least no side effects than sorry.

The truth is that it is very easy to become a victim of our own habits. The consequences of not drinking water or healthy liquids are fatal for our body. Maybe you're not used to drinking water, but if you try you will be healthier.


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