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Eliminate Headaches With Juice Therapy

 I have a headache, how many times have we said that or have heard someone else say it in the course of our life? ... It is very ugly to feel a headache, is not it? When you have a headache you look for a fast solution like a pill or a drug; it makes sense you want to get rid of the pain and be well again, who can blame you?  However we must recognize that getting use of pharmaceutical can give us a quick fix but over time can damage other organs.


There is an old Japanese proverb that says happy is the man who has alternatives, we that in mind we know that drugs are not always the best solution. What can I do then? What many do not know is that there are natural alternatives for headache. Before talking about let’s consider this important question:

Why do we get headaches?
The causes of the headache can varied, but the most common are:
-For relaxation, stretching or dilation of the intracranial arteries and veins.
-For compression, tension or intracranial nerve inflammation.
-By contracture or inflammation of the muscles of the head and neck.
-For inflammation or injury to the cervical vertebrae.
-By increasing the blood pressure and meningeal irritation.

OK now we know, if you attack the root of the problem then you can solve the situation.
Fruits and vegetables contain both nutritive and curative elements to help reduce and cure migraines or headaches.


The medicinal secret is to combined fruits and vegetables in the appropriate manner, at the appropriate time.
The main idea is to detoxify your body, swollen organs, nourish the nervous system and help your body to strengthen defenses. It is important that while doing the juice therapy take two liters of pure water a day minimum.

The water must be pure and should avoid taking any sugary drink with added sugar or sodas, etc.


Try this juice therapy the great thing about it is that you will not have any side effects since is all natural. For example Grape Juice and citrus Need:
• 1 cup of ripe grapes
• 2 juicy lemons (uses three are not too juicy)
• 1 cup of water
• Grapefruit Media
• A bit of honey (not abuse)

Procedure of the recipe:
1. Blend in blender all ingredients. Strain and drink slowly fasting. Avoid eating something before it within 20 minutes. Take the same juice for lunch and do not eat anything more than that or wait half an hour to eat something else.


Here is another juice therapy you can try for your headaches. Citrus juice and seeds
Recipe ingredients:
• 1 glass of orange juice.
• A teaspoon of sunflower seeds
• Juice of two lemons
• A teaspoon of linseed
• A splash of water

Development of the recipe:
1. Mix all in a blender and pour drinks without fasting. Drink another glass just two hours after a meal, on an empty stomach.

Carrot juice and aloe
Recipe ingredients:
• A glass of fresh carrot juice
• A teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll
• A handful of alfalfa
• Two teaspoons of aloe juice or a little cactus

Procedure of the recipe:
1. Blend the ingredients and drink to mealtimes. You can take this juice combined with the seizure of grape juice in the morning and mid-morning. The combination of these two juices enhances the cure.

Pineapple and orange juice to combat migraine
Recipe ingredients:
• 1 piece of pineapple on the size of the palm
• 1 teaspoon of flaxseed
• A bit of garlic
• 1 glass of pure water
Procedure of the recipe:
1. Mix all ingredients in a blender and drink without straining. Take this juice twice a day for one or two full days combined with taking two liters of pure water daily. If you get hungry, eat all the pineapple you want.


This diet will purify your body and help eliminate headaches.

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