viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

Papaya the wonder Fruit

Have you ever had stomach-related problems and the first thing you do is to buy Pepto bismol thinking it's the best of the best.

No one can deny  it is a good product, but it will never have the properties of a tropical fruit that not only helps with your stomach problems but also provides you with a rich source of vitamins it contains vitamin A, C, B complex, potassium, magnesium, fiber, folic acid and small amounts of calcium and iron. Is also an antioxidant and prevents breast, bladder, colon, or cervix cancer.

What are you talking about? I am talking about nothing less and nothing more than the Papaya a well-known fruit.

The papaya, also located in the subtropics, is probably the most common fruit on the table of many Latin American families. Although some people might mistakenly think, it's a melon, it does not grow on vines. Instead, it grows in clusters on top of trees like palms. Papayas vary in size, large weighing six kilos or more.

The exterior color of this fruit is a dark green that gradually becomes yellow in places, as it matures. Inside, the flesh is a deep yellow or sometimes a bright pink or red. Unlike most of the fruit, papaya inside has a vacuum, in which a lot of small black seeds are glued to the pulp, which are easy to scratch. The flesh is sweet and juicy and very tasty unless you play a bad with a strong taste pretty nasty. Usually the smallest tend to have the strongest flavor, the bigger the better tasting.

Benefits of papaya diet
The papaya juice is highly valued within weight loss diets. Given the power that has the fruit to help the body to normalize digestive functions, daily consumption of a balanced diet may end up being an excellent home remedy for weight loss. And much more if you combine it with exercises and other practices related to weight loss.

The most remarkable property of the papaya is having major digestive qualities. This is critical when making a diet. Especially for proper assimilation of what you eat. Especially when the papaya has a significant influence on the digestive processes favoring on meat that we get to eat.

In addition, papaya is a fruit considered antioxidant. We all need extra help when it comes to antioxidant. The fact, that it has capabilities of proving the necessary antioxidants are critical for the body and thus able to lose weight more easily.

Check out other benefits
Prevents premature aging. - Some doctors believe that eating papaya on a frequent basis helps control premature aging.
Serves as a cleaner. - The papaya is rich in fiber, so it cleans the digestive system, and helps prevent colon cancer.

Prevents heart attacks. - Its antioxidant content prevents cholesterol from oxidizing, when cholesterol is oxidized forms, a plaque in the blood vessel walls that can accumulate over time and cause heart attacks.
Menstrual Irregularities
The unripe papaya helps contraction of muscle fibers of the ovary and is thus beneficial in ensuring a proper menstrual flow. This is especially useful in cases of cessation of menstruation due to exposure to cold
Liver Cirrhosis
The black seeds of papaya are highly beneficial in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcoholism, malnutrition, etc. A tablespoon of juice obtained from grinding the seeds, mixed with 10 drops of fresh lime juice, ought to be given once or twice daily for about a month as a remedy for this disease.

As you can see this tropical fruit gives many things that were unknown for me too. This fruit nicely illustrates how generous is the creator.

jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013

CHEW your way for better health

Eating it’s so good, but eating right it’s much better. The food is not only a blessing but also a necessity. What we put into our mouth gives our body the nutrients needed to live.

I think there is more involved in eating than just the food alone; we need to have an awareness of what we eat to have a positive impact on our health. Being overweight set off expensive health conditions into our lives by demanding top dollars for the problems.

What can be done to live a long life and have good health? There is a very important thing that is often overlooked is called chewing food thoroughly.

While the food is in our mouth, our palate sends signals to our brain, which in turn tell us mentally if the food is good or bad. The interesting thing about this process is that often we do not take the adequate time to enjoy what we are had in our mouth, and we just swallow our food without chewing what we should.

This is a habit that can be replaced with a new one, CHEW!

Why is it important to have this good habit “chewing”?

A good chewing is paramount, because with it, the foods that reaches our stomachs are much more elaborate and almost digested. In this way, the work of our stomach is simpler because the food decomposition is faster thus avoiding heavy digestions slowing metabolism.

If we get the habit of chewing the digestion will be faster, and we will assimilate all the nutrients more efficiently. By doing this, we will help our body to accelerate our metabolism, which is necessary for weight loss. Another advantage is that our bodies do not suffer as much with the digestion. When we don’t chew as we should we make our liver or pancreas worked excessively because there are crushed.

Perhaps someone thinks that if they eat a small portion, they just don’t need to chew very much. The truth is that chewing your small portion of food for a longer time will suggest to your mind that you are consuming more than you really are. Thus, eliminating your anxiety.

What are some benefits of chewing food for longer? For the most part, you will get better digestion. If you eat more slowly, chewing your food better, you will have better digestion. Digestion actually begins in the mouth, so chewing our food will make our stomach work better (because it will facilitate their work).

This can help lead to fewer digestive problems (e.g., heartburn)
There is an old saying that chewing each bite 20 times can be very good for your health. The truth is that if you do this, you will not have side effects and also notice that you would eat much less.