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Detox Your Body

The human body is a marvel; It harmoniously works better than any symphony orchestra. Different organs help each other for a common goal the preservation of life.

What often happens is that we are not educated or synchronized with the inner music of our body. Imagine every organ within the body is like an instrument that works well if it's healthy, but let's say you start to consume things that harm one of these instruments such as the liver, If we do that we will have a negative domino effect in our body.

Let’s analyze together some of the consequences below:
Effects of alcohol on the brain because of a bad liver.

It has been found that alcohol changes the action of neurotransmitters altering its shape and function.
Alcohol irreversibly damaged brain cells. This can produce Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, due to the lack of vitamin B1, which affects thoughts, feelings and memory. It also contributes to changes in vision, loss of muscle coordination and hallucinations. The person confuses reality with their inventions.

Effects of alcohol in the stomach
Consistent use increases the production of gastric acid can cause ulcers and bleeding.
The stomach cancer has been linked to alcohol abuse.
Esophagitis: Inflammation of the esophagus.
The walls of the stomach become irritated and swollen.
Peptic Ulcer: The zones are exposed to muscle aches and perforations.

These are just two examples of the consequences...., but the list is much longer. That does lead us into the question: How to detoxify the body? It turns out that controlling what we eat is a challenge for many people as it seems that there are only few healthy alternatives.

One way to begin to detoxify the body is leaving the cows alone. Do not eat red meat or take cow milk; that will contribute to detox your body.
If you take dairy products, make sure they are organic and make sure of the source, otherwise it’s better not eat them. Most cheeses are made with rennet, which is the animal's stomach; these cheeses are harder to digest.

Goat milk is easier to digest, so less mucus and contains phosphorous that feeds the brain.

Always raw milk is better than pasteurized, and that this formula is a deception of the dairy industry. Pasteurization destroys the properties of milk, all it does is keep to that you cannot spoil, and dairy factories can sell it and store it.

Furthermore, the studies say it is advisable to limit the consumption of chicken meat. Why? Someone might even say: “please don’t take the chicken away; it tastes so good when it is fried." Yes, the study says to limit the among you eat; it does not say you cannot eat any chicken.  It would be smart to verify the origin of chicken. Some meat company’s stimulated growth in a large scale by injected them with hormones that are very harmful to our human body.

What do I do then? You may wonder ... Did you know that turtles live very long and healthy lives because they eat vegetation? If we eat more vegetables and fruits, we will give ourselves more fiber than potato chips.

Did you your colon is where you build up all the TOXICs in your body? It's not a bad idea to eat better. And also be aware that a healthy life is less depressing.

Another thing many do is to take natural juices without sugar as the sugar produced and accumulates fat in the walls of the stomach and other organs as well. Plus it's not very sexy look chubby.

Of the most wonderful things God has done is water. Consume more water help you not only lose weight but to clean your body, and you will feel less tired and depressed.

Another great thing you can do is not smoke. Smoking is one of the worst things that you can enter the body. It does not you just kill yourself, but you're killing those around you. Most individuals, who smoke, do not want to even think about the diseases that are knocking to their door. Help yourself and do not smoke any more.

Life is wonderful and the best thing you can do is take good care of it.

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