martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

What are the benefits of the juice-therapy?

There are many kinds of fruits in the world, and there are also many kinds of diseases. What many do not realize is that if you can fight and control and eliminate a lot of these diseases with fruits and vegetables. How so?

The combination of fruit and vegetable juices is a wonderful way to restore the awareness of our body. Question: Has It ever happened to you that if you are confused cannot make good decisions? Likewise with our body. If we have a poorly nourished body, we have taught our bodies to be confused, and therefore, he does not know how to fight all the intoxication and poison in our food.

Where do you find the most vitamins’ and minerals in order to have a healthy body? If you answer Walk-mar or the pharmacy, you are wrong. All thought you could buy all kinds of vitamins in these places it will never be enough. You can only find large amounts of vitamins’ and minerals in fruits and vegetables.
You can never win a fight without the right weapon. If your body has the correct weapon in the form of vitamins and minerals, you can fight the toxic and chemicals that have been introduced into our body through our ills elections of food.

What are the benefits of the juice-therapy to detoxify the body?

In the first place fruits and vegetables detoxify your system in turn it stimulates the destruction of our body fat... Other benefits are the increment and Thermogenesis and metabolism of our body, thus helping us to increase-energy ... [Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in organisms]

Controlling your weight is essential for a healthy life, you can do this with the juice therapy which is a combination of vegetables and fruits in your daily meals, I am quite sure you will reach your adequate weight if you do this with 10 15 minutes of exercise.

Introduction to the juice-therapy
The juice therapy is a therapeutic method using juices made from fruit and vegetables it seeks to prevent and even cure health problems.

According to this therapy, fruits and vegetables are high power and rapid nutrient utilization able to keep the body healthy and balanced under the overarching principle that the body can bounce back in touch with nature.

According to this principle, nature is wise and gives the man the necessary elements to overcome the states of discomfort caused by poor nutrition and ensure their health. Fruit juices and vegetables are well able to detoxify, regenerate, strengthen, debug, help rebuild cells and mainly provide energy to our body.

For example, tropical fruit juices, strawberries, blackcurrants, melon and citrus, among others, are recommended to increase the body's natural defenses against virus attacks and retard cell vitiation, for its high content of vitamin C.

While juices with apricots, cherries, melons and peaches are recommended for its vitamin A to improve processes related to vision and liver.

In later articles, I will discuss some suitable combinations to give our body the health it deserves.

The benefits of eating fruits

Don't you find it very interesting that God created Adam and Eve in paradise where they could feed themselves with plenty of fruits?
The fruits are indeed very essential food for a healthy and long life. But sadly, The industrialization throughout the world has pushed humanity to eat fewer fruits and more junk food.

I find it highly interesting that fruits are extremely important for a good quality of life are becoming a very expensive product in many countries.
Why? It just does not make any senses. This is one reason why millions of individuals do not eat any kind of fruits; they just cannot pay for it.
The ironies of the business world... the man pollutes the land with many chemicals to produce large quantities of food for a "better price', and the little food that is produced without fertilizers or as many of us know as organic food is much more expensive. What a deal... Let's kill humanity to charge much more for the good food that can detoxify them. Brilliant!
But all this shows an absolute truth: in the end is our decision what goes into our mouths. And the consequences of our everyday decisions in this regard belong to us not anyone else.
If in one day the whole human race decided not to buy processed food and junk food, all business would be forced to change their business strategy. However, since that is not going to happen, and since we are program to tolerate this kind of commercial influence. The choice is yours.
The benefits of eating fruits
  • A daily ration of 3-4 fruits, naturally provide the daily requirement of vitamin C.
  • And provide a variety of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C.
  • Hydrate the body quickly.
  • They help the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • Facilitates drainage of liquids, to be diuretic and purifying the body.
  • Soluble vegetable fibers provide they do not bring fat (excluding nuts, olives, avocados and coconut oils that provide benefits for the organism).
  • They provide natural antioxidant vitamins.
The most abundant vitamin in fruits is C, and so it is important for this vitamin, that our body is not synthesized, so food should provide it. The amount of vitamin C in fruit is very varied, with the kiwis, strawberries, raspberries and citrus that enjoy more content. Vitamin C has a high antioxidant, which becomes protective of tissues and cells of our body.
The benefits are many. There is a saying that I love that says: "Ignorance is the worst enemy of man." If we are ignorant when it comes to your health then we are a pushover in any sense.