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Have a Successful Pregnancy

When a woman realizes that she is pregnant how does she feel? The reactions definitely vary with mixed feelings and anxiety. If the baby was desired, then there is great joy and if not, then there might even be depression involved.

Whatever the situation this new life needs help, and if you're pregnant surely you too. What to do to have a successful pregnancy and have a healthy baby? Nobody wants to have a sick baby so it’s very important to follow certain positive suggestions.

Why some babies are born sick? There are many causes: genetic, nutritional, environmental, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc. One of the biggest is the lack of love for the unborn child. For example, there are many women who smoke and drink alcohol in their pregnancy, and they also eat junk food and go to bed really late. All these things make a domino effect on the unborn child.

But, perhaps an insensitive mother might say: “The unborn baby does not feel anything."  Some research indicates that the fetus can feel joy and sadness, and everything that you feel its  transmitted to your baby, your fears, your sorrows, your joys (baby emotionally and physically link to her mother) so it is very important you transmit your love; you want to make him feel wanted and loved.

You know what not to do during your pregnancy. But, what positive things you can do on behalf of your baby? Many doctors recommend folic acid (a B vitamin that can help prevent birth defects of the brain and spinal cord.

If a woman has enough folic acid in the body before becoming pregnant, this vitamin can prevent deformation in the placenta that would mean abortion, birth defects in the brain (anencephaly) and spine, closing the wrong baby neural tube in the cephalic and caudal ends respectively.

Spine bifida, a birth defect of the spine, can cause paralysis of the lower body, the lack of control of bowel and bladder, and learning difficulties. If the fetus is folic acid deficiency during pregnancy may also have anemia or even be premature or have low birth weight. The mother may go thru a process that causes hypertension and albuminuria. Folic acid also helps maintain healthy parent. Talk to your doctor and do not auto prescribed yourself; it can be very dangerous for the baby.

Another thing that is very important is the intake of iron in your meals since it will help the mother to increase the amount of blood by 50%, and the rest of the iron is used by the fetus and placenta to develop.

What foods can help boost your iron level in your blood to help your baby?

1. Clams: to our surprise, the clams contain about 24mg of iron per 100 grams, which is more than we need daily (8mg 18mg adult men and women of childbearing age). The thing about these foods is that they are of little use in our regular diet and also have a high cost / quantity.

2. Whole grains: cereals offered by the market today are very rich in iron due to its fortification and maintenance in the cortex of the grain, its content ranges from 7 to 12 mg per 100 grams of product.

3. Legumes: soya beans and lentils, legumes are more non-heme iron content, as they have 7 and 8 mg per 100 grams, respectively. Its absorption is lower than the iron in meat, but its low-cost and its beneficial nutrients; we offer an ideal food to prevent anemia and other nutritional deficiencies.

4. Green vegetables: spinach and chard contain between 3 percent and 4 mg low absorption of iron, but like vegetables are inexpensive foods whose composition can greatly benefit the body. Furthermore, when combined with vitamin C rich citrus or some meat, its absorption is increased so that the advantage over their body iron.

5. Meats: Beef, chicken, fish, turkey, pork, and others, all contain iron in amounts that surround the 2 mg per 100 grams. It is an easily absorbed iron, and that except for vegetarians, all normally included in our diet.

Finally, do your best to be ready with breathing exercises, you can start at the third month. Many women who were prepared in this way gave birth in less time with less traumatic for them and the baby. Make sure to take good care of yourself now more than ever because you are worth two people.

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