miércoles, 3 de abril de 2013

Good Health Starts in Your Mind

When you really think about it, we only complain about our weight when we see other people who look better than we do. Even then, I do not know anyone who would not like to have better health or stay healthy for many years. Unfortunately, what often happens is that we only started to care for our health when we had a good scare. When our body full of toxins and fat passed a bill, we do not what to see.

When our doctor tells us how bad, we are then we become aware and want to start to do something about it. We started running from here to here looking for solutions, why do we wait until then? How sad that the vast majority of people act like that. My father used to say: if you have a goal, do feed it so it won’t starve to death. I've come to believe that only if we fed the idea of having a good health and do something positive for ourselves only, then we can achieve positive results.

I saw a video of a young man who was well over his normal weight, he decides to do something for himself. I guess you read that right; he made the decision, until we make our decision to improve our health, nothing will happen. Sorry, but I just made a mistake; it is wrong to say that nothing will happen. Something will happen, something we do not want to happen that is the chances of becoming ill and dying prematurely increase much every day for doing nothing.

There is a saying that says: Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Why not start today? Why do you want to wait? I write a few articles on my blog, I described the properties of some fruits, the benefits of drinking water, the huge benefits of chewing your food, and more.

If you do not like what I write, well I do not take offense. You do not have to follow my suggestions as long as you seek for the right information or help on the Internet or just set your mind to it.  Don’t settle for anything less than the best for you, do something.

For a lot individuals, the issue of losing weight is very much intertwine with their self-worth. But, nothing will increase yourself-worth more than to start reading and doing something for your life? Just 15 minutes a day is what it takes. 15 minutes of exercises. Anyone can do this routine even you. Think about it, If you have 15 minutes to watch TV or to waste time on things that are worth nothing. Why not invest 15 minutes a day for your health. Do not let the day end without doing some kind of exercise. You're worth it.

Everything begins and ends in the mind ... If you're telling yourself you'll be fine no matter what you can eat anything and your body can handle it... then there is nothing to do for you. You have condemned yourself. However, if you change your thinking,  then you will act with a sense of responsibility for yourself.

The word conscience is very important to keep on living. Only the dead are unconscious, and that's what I've seen in many, many do not realize they are not really living because they are not aware or conscience that they are killing themselves until is too late.

Are you in this situation? You can do something about it, take notice of the birds they make nests collecting only small straws in the fields, they do something for themselves, although it does take a lot of work they just do it. As you can see small things can become big things. Always remember that only great individuals can recognize small opportunities.

Do all things with balance and good judgment.

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