lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013

You Are What You Eat

"You are what you eat," many times have we heard that wise proverb. However, many of us find it very difficult to stop self-destructive eating habits. Some even think it is impossible to put aside the bad food that tastes great but actually killing us.

While there is a group of people who only wake up when they are very close to death. They have been contaminating their body for a long time, and they find their new reality so hard to believe.

Most of us want to live a long and healthy live, and that’s a great idea. However, we must answer these questions in order to find our way to a healthy life.

How much is appropriate for me to eat? How can I tell if what I'm eating is preparing me for a terrible disease? And, what must I do to have a good health?

 All these questions are given me the motivation to create this new blog. The articles will be written in Spanish and English. So if you are bilingual, you can take a double dipping in the information I am about to present to you.

I have to admit; I'm not an expert on the food subject. However, I will write these articles because I'm too looking for better health. This blog will help you and me to be more aware of what I put into my body and you may help you to do the same.

So let me know what you think about my new my new blog: "Eat healthy for a long life" "

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